Occupational Health Services

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The rate of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace has been increasing steadily in the UK. It has become increasingly prevalent within the construction, transport and other industries involved with safety critical work.

In May 2009 the Guardian reported that in the first quarter of 2009 there had been a four-fold increase in calls to the drug charity, Release, related to concerns over drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Due to the complexity of legal issues surrounding drug and alcohol testing of employees, it is imperative that a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy is in place before embarking upon a program of testing.

Indus Occupational Health can:

Health Surveillance

Indus Occupational Health is able to provide your business with a full range of health surveillance and fitness for work medicals.


Sickness Absence Management

The Social Security (Medical Evidence) and Statutory Sick Pay (Medical Evidence) Amendments Regulations 2010 allowed doctors to record whether a patient "may be fit for some work now" as an addition to the existing ones of "fit" or "not fit for work".

The government's objective is to move towards a "fit note culture" and encourage workers to discuss their return to work, therefore getting people back to work faster, following illness or injury. The regulations will allow GPs to specify whether a patient needs to consult the GP when a statement expires before returning to work.

Dr Tony Stevens, of the Society of Occupational Medicine, stated that GPs will need specialist Occupational Health advice if the government is to achieve it's objective of helping people back to work earlier.

Indus Occupational Health are able to provide individualised assessments of your employees in order to help interpret medical certificates and give more detailed advice when “light duties” are advised by GPs.

Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Screening

Increasingly popular amongst employers is the provision of health promotion initiatives within the workplace. Indus Occupational health is able to perform health and well being orientated assessments.

These are usually tailored to employers requirements and may include:

Workplace Ergonomics

Indus occupational Health Ltd are able to provide workstation assessments as required by the health and safety (Display Screen Equipment Regulations) 1992. Assessments for work related upper limb disorders (WRULDS) can also be performed within the standards of the HSG60 “upper limb disorders in the workplace”.

Business Consultancy & Recruitment

Indus Occupational Health can help your business develop it’s Occupational Health strategy, we can examine your existing policies and procedures and help you develop new ones to fit in with your overall management policy. We can audit and then allow you to create a OH system that is individual to your business. We will provide you with a individualised plan that will indicate mandatory requirements, training needs, number and type of occupational health practitioners.

We will also give the non mandatory options that will help develop your workforce by improving and maintaining their health through health and well being programmes. We can also assist with recruitment either on a subcontracted, casual or permanent placement basis.

Each plan will be individualised to you particular business needs and give a range of fully costed options.

Expert Witness

We are able to provide courts and tribunals with appropriate practitioners in order to provide expert witnesses. Indus Occupational Health has a nationwide network of practitioners working within the field of occupational health. Many will have their own areas of specialist skills and many years of consultancy experience within occupational health.